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We turn Clicks into Customers.

Clicksco is a Global customer acquisition and content monetisation expert; we utilise our big data tech (Customer Connect) and analytics expertise to master end-to-end programmatic traffic generation, publishing, conversion & remarketing across multiple verticals.


As an Advertiser and Publisher ourselves we use the most profitable channels such as Search, Display and Social; overlaying our tech and expertise to help increase ROI and profits whilst fully satisfying our customers.

Our Partners

Globally there are approx 3.4bn people going online every day to find information, products and services. Clicksco collects & analyses data on these people from a wide range of sources (online & offline) to precisely understand them and their intent so we can connect them programmatically via Search, Display and Social to the right parts or service - including our own services. This enables us to provide high quantity of high quality traffic ripe for converting to maximise ROI and profits.

Our data expertise also strengthens our monetisation solutions where we programmatically serve content to maximise click potential - including remarketing ads - across our network of own and partner publisher sites.

The Clicksco Group are digital data specialists with a unique Global network of industry-leading companies, partners & brands.

Clicksco Network.
Clicksco Network.

Established in 2009, Clicksco Group is a multi-million dollar marketing services company which has enjoyed year-over-year growth since its creation. With offices across 14 countries including Dubai and the UK, we have a team of over 200 passionate and hardworking individuals across digital marketing, mobile/web development, UX, strategy, analysis and tech - all working towards the goal of connecting customers to what they need.

A leader in the mining and manipulation of big data in the retail, finance and travel sectors; Clicksco Group is internationally renowned for its customer lead generation, web search, comparison shopping and affiliate marketing services working alongside the likes of Google, Yahoo and Amazon.

Our Core Strengths Are

Our People: Clicksco is all about People – our own, our partners, and of course the people the internet was built to serve – consumers.

Our proprietary tech platform Customer Connect

Our expertise in key industries of Online search, Financial Services, retail ecommerce and Travel.

Amazing People
We have a team of over 280 passionate and hardworking individuals.
English, Hindu, Russian, French, German... did we mention we also speak Arabic?
Global Offices
There are clicksco offices across 10 countries including Dubai, UK and most recently Vancouver.
Apple Products
Being a stylish tech company we love nothing more than well, purchasing stylish tech products.

+ 2009 The Journey Begins

John Rowe, CEO

In 2009 Clicksco was formed after the merger of 5 digital companies with the vision to evolve digital thinking from focussing on Clicks to turning those Clicks into Customers – promoting a better deal and digital experience for marketers and customers.

At the helm was our Chairman & CEO John Rowe who has extensive experience in the finance, supply chain and retail markets, including five years spent as a director for Sainsbury's. At this point we had a team of just 12 operating out of offices in London and Dubai.

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2010 - 2011 The Early Days

Through 2010 and 2011 we began to establish ourselves in the world of digital Search and Display; working with some big internet players such as Yahoo and Google amongst others gave us significant traction in the world of traffic acquisition. By the end of 2011 we had a team of 32….

+ 2012 A Breakthrough Year

April 2012 – Invested In Thap

Acqui-hire of tech development & innovation company Thap to bolster our technical resource – across UX, PHP, .Net, C++, and database design - fueling the innovative cultures that the 2 companies had, and adding an office in the North of England.

October 2012 – IDM Analytics

Acqui-hire of big data analytics specialist IDM Software. IDM are experts in analysing and structuring data in real time, enabling more effective business decisions to be made. The acquisition has been a key stepping stone to developing our proprietary big data tech Customer Connect and bolstering our expertise in applying big data to online traffic acquisition, monetisation and retention.

November 2012 – Core Ventures

Acqui-hire of call centre specialist Core Ventures who deal with approx 10k calls per day with a team of multilingual experts. This acquisition was a key element to Clicksco's vision of evolving Clicks into Customers as some customers require speaking to a real person in order to get what they need whether it's at the top, middle or conversion end of the funnel. By the end of 2012 we had a team of 108.

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+ 2013 Vertical Focus Begins

In 2013 we decided to focus on several key vertical sectors; Retail Shopping, Financial Services and Travel - all sectors that offer opportunity to drive the digital agenda.

Whilst our key propositions blossomed we also began experimenting with a number of innovation projects - something that's part of our culture where we're always looking to invest in our future. By the end of 2013 we had a team of 145.

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+ 2014 Developing Our Proposition

2014 - More innovation projects

Based on the accelerator model we explored several projects in 2014 driven by entrepreneurs, technology innovators and business growth experts; aiming to de-risk innovation and creativity for the group. Combining our infrastructure, technical knowledge and expertise in customer discovery, marketing and big data we launched' several projects including Emojicate (emoji-based messaging app), SportMate (football community app), Trippifi (social travel site), and Spain In Style (luxury travel portal).

2014 - Our Big Data Play

As we continued to form new market partnerships and evaluate new territories in which to specialise, we sought to work with the best traffic and monetisation sources in each geography whilst maintaining our ability to acquire, retain and monetise traffic. To do this better 2014 saw us define our Customer Connect proposition – our big data profiling tech – building upon tech we developed under IDM.

June 2014 - Teesside Uni partnership helps students launch start-ups

12-week accelerator programme with a group of 11 Teesside University students to help them launch 3 digital businesses; giving them access to our digital expertise in the form of tech and mentorship, as well as guest mentors from Google and Yahoo. This reflects Clicksco's own entrepreneurial nature in always looking for innovations and new tech across verticals in response to constantly changing demands placed by the online medium.

October 2014 - investment in Smart Money People

As our focus to cover the whole customer journey has extended further; in October 2014 we invested in SmartMoneyPeople – a customer experience and review platform focused on financial services. By the end of 2014 we had a team of 160 people.

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+ 2015 Investing In Growth

February 2015 – Chord Capital investment

Raised an undisclosed amount of investment from expert tech investor Chord Capital, valuing the Clicksco Group at over $60m. As a result of the investment, John Townsend of Chord Capital was appointed Non-Executive Director at Clicksco to add his expertise and 40 years of experience to accelerate Clicksco's ambitious plans – particularly in financial services.

February 2015 – Merger with My Pension Expert

Clicksco Financial Services merged with UK financial advisory firm My Pension Expert - UK's No.1 "at retirement" advisory company - to increase scale, breadth and capabilities of a combined proposition to compete more effectively and profitably within the "at retirement" marketplace. MPE's trust reputation in the "At-retirement" industry is complemented by Clicksco's trusted reputation in customer acquisition and technology will lead to further growth and expansion into other financial services.

July 2015 – Smart Money People raises £150k

Smart Money People raised a further £150k from Northstar Ventures and Clicksco itself to further grow the team, develop its core platform further and support additional marketing activity. It had already attracted a number of financial businesses across the insurance, banking and alternative finance sectors providing them a platform to attract more customers using unparalleled customer insight.

December 2015 – Operational board formalised

In December 2015 Cambridge-based Peter Danks joined Clicksco as Chief Marketing Officer having held marketing, digital and new business roles with several big brands including Google. This further strengthened our board and reflects Clicksco's ability to attract talent at all levels. By the end of 2015 we had a team of over 200+; whilst the group reported it had achieved 73% YoY growth for the previous 3 years.

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+ 2016 New Brands, Big Plans

January 2016 – TravelJunction launch

In January 2016 Clicksco launched its consumer-facing travel proposition – TravelJunction – an IATA and ABTA licensed travel site covering Europe, US, Dubai and other locations. TravelJunction is headed up by Lisa Goswell, who has previously worked for Atlantis The Palm, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, and Thomas Cook.

March 2016 - Distinct Media launch

In March 2016 Clicksco launched a digital agency - Distinct Media - to bring disruptive and digital customer acquisition solutions initially to the Middle East with plans to expand elsewhere including the UK.

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Our Future Partnership & People

The future holds more big plans for Clicksco including expansion of our brands (particularly our Financial Services group), and much more! So keep an eye on our News page or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date.

Clicksco are customer journey experts - we specialise in acquiring, monetising and retaining customers via the most effective and profitable digital channels.

Combining those specialisms with our data platform - Customer Connect - we can determine the best combination of who, what, when, and where using accurate intent and preference data to achieve the maximum ROI for existing and new customers.

Customer connect increases the speed at which we are able to go from data to intelligence.
Tom Howsam
Chief Technology Officer

Giving each click a personality

Understanding your customers is paramount to the long term success of your business - such understanding can help create improved propositions, loyalty, longer Lifetime Value (LTV) and increased profits. At Clicksco we recognise that it can be difficult to understand customers. They might visit your site and make the occasional purchase, but businesses want to engage more with them, and encourage them to return again and again.

More than that businesses want to find more customers like the ones they have. We know this because the same issues challenged us - we have multiple web properties that aim to convert more customers more often, so we needed to understand them better - the ones converting, the ones that weren't - uncovering behavioural insights to then adapt our offerings. That's why we developed Customer Connect.

Customer Insights.
Values Wheel

We are obsessed with people

Clicksco has been people obsessed since day one: our own people, our partners' & clients', and of course the people the web was built to serve - customers. Whilst profit is the bottom line performance and success indicator, more than that we're in the business to help people better find what they're looking for.

We help customers find products/services; our partners find loyal customers; and marketers, entrepreneurs, techies and business experts find a collaborative, positive and successful place to work in us.

We delight in helping people enjoy their work more while improving their performance at doing what they care about most. By satisfying customers, partners and our own people we create synergies that underline the success of the company.