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Everyday, millions of people are clicking around the web, searching for information, products and services. At Clicksco, we collect and analyse data from a wide range of sources, on and offline, to precisely understand who these people are and what they’re interested in buying.

We use this knowledge to drive people to sites that can answer their needs, turning web traffic into sales. The Clicksco Group are digital data specialists, with a unique global network of industry-leading companies, partners & brands.


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Our partners are market leaders

We partner with the market leaders in search, price comparison and shopping, enabling us to drive traffic from multiple sources, acquiring large numbers of potential customers with ease.


Our people love working here

  • Most of the great leaders throughout history would suggest that to succeed in your career you should do what you love and love what you do. Here at Clicksco I have found that to be true. Being “people obsessed” means that the business is 100% invested in ensuring growth, nurturing and support through initiatives, education and entrepreneurial leadership.
    Lorraine HallProject Manager & PA to the Board, Dubai Office
  • Clicksco fosters a real ‘can – do ‘ attitude, where anything is possible either through the passionate teams we work in or the cutting edge technologies we have access to.  Creative thinking is allowed to flourish and in fact championed  – with well thought out business ideas getting the backing and the support of the most senior members of staff – including the CEO.
    Christian KudziCustomer Acquisition – Financial Services, London Office
  • The values we have highlight each and every individual at Clicksco down to a tee. We are making incredible inroads innovating our customer experience across a multitude of sectors. Passion and Pride; we are filled to the brim with both
    Ben CooperFront End Developer, Wynyard Office
  • Clicksco is not just a “company” but a truly global melting-pot of cultures, thoughts and vision, where differences are celebrated and new ideas appreciated. The sharpest minds in the industry feed off each other with a great sense of pride, and collaborate on projects until they come to fruition.
    Rayo SarkariBuyer, Hyderabad Office